The Inner Circle

The Fast Lane to Personal Growth & Leadership Mastery.

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Inner Circle Benefits

On-demand. Live. Community. Minimal Time Commitment. 

Our multi-hybrid training model gives you the best of all worlds so you can acheive lasting transformation.

Elevate Yourself

Our training is designed to create high-performance leaders no matter what your exsiting skill level is.

Expert Training

Lance Miller has been a successful entrepreneur, business owner, and leader for over 25 years. 

Material you'll love

Entertaining and informative training workshops featuring short videos, group discusssions, and action-step assignments, all personally led by Lance Miller.


Our subscription-based model allows you obtain world-class training at a fraction of the cost of comparable courses. 

Course List

A new course is released every month. 
  • Time Management for Leaders 1&2
  • Creating the Right Personal Vision
  • How to Help Your Team Win 1&2
  • Finding Your Life's Purpose
  • How to Dream Big and Inspire Action
  • The Core Beliefs that Guide Elite Leaders
  • Coaching, Grit, Money, and More Topics!

The Inner Circle Growth System

We release a course each month and strategically help you transform into your better you.

Week 1 - Course

 A 60 minute, rich,  interactive course is released to you. You can complete this at any time throughout the month, but the first week is best.

Week 2 - Question

Lance will send out a small question or action step in the Forum. Take 5 or 10 minutes and answer it when you have a chance.

Week 3 - Question

Just like Week 2, Lance will post another action step or question in the Forum. Complete it when you have 5-10 minutes.

Week 4 - Live with Lance

Lance will host a live, 60-minute workshop via zoom where we'll discuss the month's topic. 
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