Mar 5 / Lance Miller

Welcome to the Champions Inner Circle

Welcome to the Champions Inner Circle. I'm really excited that you've joined us on this journey to become a world-class leader.


You have now been enrolled and will receive an email soon with your access credentials.

Champions Forum
You've been added to the Inner Circle group in the Champions Forum.

1. Remember to download the Circle app. IOS  Android

2. Also, make sure to turn on your notifications for the Forum Inner Circle.

What to do Next?

You will receive weekly instructions in the Champions Inner Circle forum on what to do each week.

Your Training Portal and the Community

There are two parts to the Inner Circle.
  1. to interact with this month's course.
  2. The Champions forum for all the Inner Circle communication.
Sunward.Pro for the Video Course
Champions Forum for Group Communication

The Monthly Flow

Week 1 Full Course Release on

Week 2 Action Step in the Champions Forum
Week 3 - Action Step in the Champions Forum
Week 4 - Live with Lance in the Champions Forum

Our Monthly Upcoming Focus

March - Time Management 1
April - Time Management 2
May - Personal Vision
June - Winning & Servant Leadership 1
July - Winning & Servant Leadership 2
August - Purpose
September - Communication 1
October - Communication 2
November - Personal Focus
December - Coaching 1

Questions and Feedback

If you have questions, suggestions, or problems, you can reach me at or drop a comment in the Inner Circle Forum.

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