Lance Miller



Founder & President | Sunward (formerly TrueNorth Global Training)
Co-Founder & President | Coffee with Champions


From age 21, Lance’s dream has always been to help businesses and people succeed personally and professionally. Over the last 25-plus years, his journey has taken him through the roles of husband, leader, entrepreneur, and pastor.

Using his own life experiences as a test bed for what works and what doesn’t work, Lance weaves those lessons throughout his training. He makes it a point not to teach anything that he hasn’t personally gone through.
From 1993 to 2006, Lance was the Vice President of Operations for a 10 million-dollar commercial contractor, where he oversaw 90 employees. In 2007, Lance and his wife, Jessica, founded The JNL Group, a consulting firm.

In 2020, the brand TrueNorth Global Training was formed under the umbrella of The JNL Group. Out of TrueNorth, Lance and Jessica have created several leadership programs, such as Coffee with Champions a weekly leadership mastermind group hosted by local chambers of commerce.

In 2023, the brand TrueNorth Global Training was renamed Sunward for simplicity and a better reflection of their growing audience. 


When not working with other leaders, Lance can be found hiking, enjoying good food, and traveling with his wife and business partner, Jessica. 
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